2009/05/08 COFECO was published at Nucleic Acids Reserch. access
2009/02/10 It supprots twenty-one model ogranisms and twenty-seven identifiers. more
2008/10/18 Version 1.0 was released.

What is COFECO?
COFECO is a web-based tool for a composite annotation of protein complexes, KEGG pathways, and Gene Ontology (GO) terms within a class of genes and their orthologs under study.

What are the COFECO functionalities?
(1) Employment of protein complexes as an annotation resource: the composite annotation sets of correlated functions and cellular processes for a given gene set can be identified in a more comprehensive and specified way by the employment of protein complex data together with GO and KEGG pathways as annotation resources.
(2) Comparative analysis with orthologs: orthology based integrative annotations among different species complement the defective annotations in an individual genome, and provide the information of evolutionary conserved correlations.
(3) Specified composite annotation via term filtering: a term filtering feature enables users to collect the specified annotations enriched with selected function terms.
(4) Cross comparison between the annotation outputs: a cross-comparison of annotation results between two different datasets is possible.
(5) Summarization and exploration of annotated functions via graphical views: COFECO provides a web-based GO hierarchical viewer and KEGG pathway viewer where the enrichment results can be summarized and further explored.

Example results of the COFECO function annotations
This example contains 85 testis specific genes in Homo sapiens. [PubMed]
The three results using different resource combination: "Example1", "Example2", "Example3"
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Choong-Hyun Sun, Min-sung Kim, Youngwoong Han, Gwan-Su Yi. COFECO : Composite Function Annotation Enriched by Protein Complex Data. Nucleic Acids Res., 8 May 2009; 37: W350-W355. [ Access ]